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your kids deserve better

by buster wolf

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i brought bale to the potluck covered in maggots, doublefisting jars of rotgut scarlet eyed, probably died parked inside a harlots thighs i arise anew and cried dimming on a blue divide i have only ever been on my own futures side not really into bowling but i’m smoking like the dude abides can you devise wolf chewing thru your clueless rhymes you stupidly assign yourself to queue up for your own demise true writers, tell me who’s nicer get you closer to God by stepping into Lou’s cypher uh - ashes of my pets on the mantle looking for the spell that let me ride em into battle ring the summoning bell in a wondrous hell under the veill wishing something would sell aint got a comfort zone far from comfortable always slightly cold it drip nostalgia tho? i wanna be where the mutiny are mutually scarred rolling through illusory walls foreheads furrowed as they question it tell me that I’m really here there’s contrary evidence admittedly, i’ve treated folks shittily critically i DIY except i do it pitifully if hades has a pit for me it’s filled with piss and glistening hotter than the flames of brian spilner frying piston rings now i lay me deep beneath the facial recognition got somethin swimming in my pot to piss in, man listen verily potentially ready for thee electric zoom therapy letting my anxieties sing merrily shredding these shredded beef bags with brains steadily word to all stephanies that’s my pedigree, let it be anime sad boy energy relentlessly (augments the cortex contort the skull fortress microscopically enormous) amongst weevils and worms i’s discussed in hushed whispers the crushed drifter that touched winter but much grimmer wormtongue silver surfdom aint no querstion smoke til my verse done until the day that my hearse comes
solstices 01:28
ALL HAIL The orphaned kin of cosmic horror born within contorted forms of torturing behold the face before the skin feisty - caught the longest wind casting lots with songstresses catapulting fortresses with several sets of soldier wigs i’m bordering on sorta caught along the corpo offices louie lighting up in the solarium for solstices
cacique sin corona torch the sand best abort all plans for that house of glass kings draped in rags faking jack tall tales create the past they took our flags we pushed em back never hopeless seems they wasn’t joking when they sang let it sink into the ocean fam with banana trees on properties playing eight ball all hours uncle g a heavy weight cousin home late so he took the full force of a flyswatter to the face stunned held fast in place unk just picked up his cue and continued the game thru tears cuz say he’s hitting the hallways when we back from the island he gonna smoke all day i popped return to the 36th chamber and hit play dont see much of them now but i still visit that tape
gradients 01:59
jessica care moore once told me i should keep writing so here is me trying and the sum total of my effort: i’m now a “how to handle major disappointment” expert long run, short pier, head first tucked in - time to shamble with the glowing specters all knowing hecklers at the all day breakfast the day fading to immolated gradients hues stole from the sun as it sank slow thankful as ever just to bask in the glow absolute zero close he takes his dose grip dip dive dissolve into the island coast Luiza dancing for our souls crowned in that same horizon though Hadron colliding broke me into several frozen flames broke the balance of the game but now they know a fucking name name in lights - cold photons shifting patterns my phonons rearrange to take the shape of …what? (what was shattered) familia insignificantly small like nothing matters all matter mapped to nothing actually take me to task i shine spark in the darkness double jump the sunken pixels drunken wistful wishful for days gone; simple darkened lungs traded for the blissful circulation suffering the yoke of time in fistfuls lord knows i need to smoke to straddle lines and steady mine arawak lords live from alternate timelines this equation is nothing more than a superpostion my former personas missing hidden under the floorboards of kitchens you can hear them whisper if you listen
the shortsighted miss contact often with my xray spex i see more than hoffman wolf post game content not your average boss got more lines than alexander pajitnov puzzling - keep spinning yr wheels i been had it solved for those acting raw we’ll see you in your city when we back on tour jimmy duggin with the hack and saw back is sore from carrying boom bap and clashing swords tarnished bloody wolf the type to slay these nightmare creatures you the type to lie on mics and over pay for phoned in features “why’d you forfeit?” i’m like “fuck this life on tour shit, funds too short to afford it” i’d rather fill a quiet room with blooming orchids rather navigate a pitch black fortress with no torches rather spit a verse than a chorus if off brand rap is for the birds than i am HORUS reloaded as insect interloping over oceans word to the shifting patterns dancing on the OLED keep the jewels, fool- run the motherfucking pro keds pull up to the venue half dead on a mo-ped opened for whoever sound guy was like “dope set” crowd was like “oh… meh” paid in drink tickets now i’m getting grotesque and they wonder why he hopeless little louie never leave the block like j. lopez
cypress 01:37
mine eyes collide with deep starry skies ivy climb spine spinning pale fabrics out of wine if no one is selling how does one buy time i just, might just, swim with the vipers / tried to fill pages like my pops up in rikers/ so called writers turn spectral moonlighters/ its alright tho - pen deconstruct those who spite us/ i dont spit no more/ cant relate to the horde/ took me 39 years to check my ego at the door/ like this - watch ripples in the shade of a cypress/ dont wanna type this/ I’m Arthur with the tight fist/ composition on the page/ or rule of thirds in a frame/ tried a reconnect but at my age/ it really aint the same/ so he slide to the hermitage/ try to sling the verbs again/ 13 albums deep and still nobody ever heard of ‘em/ city calls pretty talk/ songs soar on angel wing/ but pigeon toed and pixelated memories are stranger things/ instantly the ink stains swarm solid take shape/ painstakingly animated, aint they great? / wait… starry mind close to sky staring til it got you high to only stand and watch and wait yeah, the weather’s fucking great
good eye 02:32
that walk from 3rd to 6th was stiff, uphill we kept on til 8th ave. still brought home live crabs, buckets filled washed in the tub then boiled bright red while a ruckus of neighbors and strangers chill drinks spill, stogs smoked i held the thoughts close transcribed the miles we walked in secret scribbled notes folks i didn’t recognize most salute as he strode by never wondered why or what was supplied what a guy it’s just dope and wine now. smoke alone in the corner like put in time out it’s me blessed in the reeds camouflaged in green leaf striped to the bone marrow unperceived til the teeth sink deep the disruption for the peace be signified by beats blood speaks we weep wake and walk to where the liquor cheap little me imagining the devils deep in the ceiling or my own skin peeling over fiery lakes woke up with my leg still shaking eyes tearing, mind still, mom dealing, free wheeling bipolar default mode flip like coin toss final boss cheap tiger claws forever live from abandoned malls on caved foundations we laid awake praying heaven held some approximation of playstations or some way to sample the songs our lives play in abuelo cracking shells the juice spraying percussive pots and pans - deathknells playing needles and records scraping bad spanish on fire escaping boricua flags swaying rats in handball courts the pigs still misbehaving the quiet,private glimmer of that haven smoke from my nostrils met the sky i looked down at the handball courts and almost cried still not sure why can still see the verazano inside the lids of our goodest eyes
decoupler 01:42
these is lessons from red zealots with a web presence mysterium tremendous - history upended you cant live the life you want but you can surely rent it subscribe now, pretend it and please refer a friend, kid song for mothers without children songs for the rank and file vermin in burning buildings still listening remnants of human skin still we glistening they colonize your isle and be like “how come no one’s visiting?” bizarro world cacique wolf colonized spain cut the hands off ferdinand bring isabella the pain Theory verse praxis you bastards got it backwards Attack these wack actors with arawak axes! fuck a shattered jaw leave you red     as the gore of of a matador leaking out, wishing that it mattered more your chatter bores we get high like matterhorn might sample horns i heard playing in a granny porn wolf beyond sanity bomb fire vanity nameless king snatch crowns in thousand times gravity rarely hyperbolic nobodys as heartless as these famished martians starving in greasy grimy garments if they ever come asking say i fled to the island If i make it to vlad i’ll do my interview smiling
y’all some brave little toasters louie roast ya fragile be the tattered bones and galleries of shattered poems wolf never cry when he high some theorize what a weird guy only leave the house for clear eyes riding the myriad waves of vapor in these papers crane vs dove skulls show the same love wanna rumble with the swamp rat? mind your manners second verse same as the first in mangled spanish or spanglish - they say wolfie outta practice kicked out the bunker for killing all the rations in his defense the indica was hella dense might help or hinder eloquence or splinter up the sediment cooking up the worms with the wellington hungrier than thou feeding audrey II all these so called veterans louie’s outlandish from another planet no motherland brooklyn just where he landed spacier than kevin in kpax aim at internet fame brats trading the same raps got a bag with the barracuda lugers boston baked crabs verse borderland shooters blades to the eyes if you knuckle puckers plagiarize my style major nice corazones - made of ice disperse first, if i was you i’d heed the warnings stoneheart so cold it reverse global warming born in the miasma smothered by the hands of metal mothers molded into bone and clay, a poor display but caught a ray of starlight night before my court date whispering i ought to stay telepathic delta waves attics full of rats and petals wearing skulls like medals when we get down up goes the level predation of a scavenger who happened to settle
lavaplatos 03:21
Karen o croonin Out the kia soul Slow bloomin With the lotus inked Muddy water quiver pour another drink Por favor Mi amor See the door of paradise Open hopes To sever ropes That tether me to parasites Classic lou 34 Wolf with the dirty maw Mercy for the kid Singing what you really worried for? i don’t hate on these rappers! / i don’t even know the names of these rappers! / i don’t blame these actors / for distancing themselves from “old heads” and “backpackers” / craft us sophisticated scripts not for rhymers/ old graff writers turned graphic designers / rap anachronism boom bap for old timers/ come find us. so blighted/ we forget what time is/ high as borealis light it/ glass chambers filled with smoke and ash frequent/ fill pages with balderdash and passed down secrets / high as we get / dun, i only rap this way on weekends


released August 7, 2022

this shit was made by busterwolf. peace.


all rights reserved



buster wolf Tallahassee, Florida

cats, 8 bit dreams, liminal space. skeletons. self indulgent - always sorry - never mean it - CITRONELLA ROOM _ 間もなくインターネットと現実の世界にやってくる

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