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Bodega Rat

by buster wolf

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Banana Bread 01:04
Back home vets bucked trends in scuffed timbs Trust them the framework needs adjusting If you’re comfortable - it’ll only cost a lung or two AI uploaded brains non-fungible The devil aint shit. Money is actual trash. Jack your dad for his record collection quick fast Talk at cross purposes on diamond peaks Dove tail, crow speak Ramellzee resurrected: Every letter in the ledger got a legend Blood letting never power down without resetting
Claim zero pen game - too busy carving petroglyphs Write with rocks, draw with daggers - love to hear the metal twist Rifles in the hands of teens watching as the stage is set Rise of the machines the people failed to fucking rage against Vocals known to cave a chest Propose you gave the page a rest Knowing just how strange it gets No exit aint no stages left Wolfie will invade your rest Just playin - he got planes to catch Last seen where the vapor was - or was it where the crater crashed? A thousand leviathans that came before said try again We smiting them - The post win veils of smoke are stifling Mic hands severed, leaving wrists in the tourniquet Might get bodied at a street fighter tournament Online presence null - give a fuck if you heard of it These tunes for those struggling Who know what real burden is This the furthest shit from ambition, fam, listen My frame is one equation in the super position Visions swim in neuro pathways - bad days Presently endorsing crash courses on his mad ways Yours is not the path i made - i fade Wander where i may Stumble into timelines where i’m paid (no way) Coldest days yet to come, me and mine are stoking flames Never wrote for fame - son is separate from the jokes and lames Known to slay a whole brigade Howling til the vocals strained Mommy make it go away! Send a tweet, hope and pray Solar rays refract through stained glass Once the day pass Humbly prefer captain murphy to ahab References stay rad Their records are plain raps My team leave smoking craters Every stage that we played at Witnesses claim that he Speak cant be explained raps Stray cats out the bag Tussle with bodega rats Krylon can shaken crowned with a fat cap Graphic novels painted in the gravel These are flashbacks Drip all day - you ain’t taking shit with you Paid a fistful - copping skittle cake x cream sickle All effigies ozymandian
Eyes like islands of words Motherfuckers must have struck an unresolved nerve Every line spoke with grim finality No fatality actually alive with discomforting fears of mortality Taxing me with lack of sleep Terrified of losing memories that I can’t trapper keep He seldom leave home but got the cones and leaf To sidestep the dull puppetry and skullduggery Meeting of the mind’s eye Beating of the mind’s meat
Lotus on a bathroom stall, poorly drawn Well seeming forms Hura-kan dance wild in the eye of the storm And it shouldn’t bother me Identity is what you salvage post the yoke of colonies Professional ass cheek percussionist Who am I to judge if they want all style no substance Bone marrow butter on the biscuit Classical rap animals with filthy casuals in the mandibles Early autumn sun glinting off a rum bottle rim Been drinking solo so long it doesn’t really bother him Grow useless old then go out alone Mean time stay home and scrawl these poems I’ve never been so calm in my life
Calling Out 01:37
Never packed a heater But the school yard brawls was Goku and Vegeta Undulating clouds of sativas Every night a dice roll live with the reapers Beat burger on a back porch Procrastinated on the passport Vocab shatter every glass door Vanish in the ether when he given what he ask for Bodega rat scratching at the trap door I should consider quitting rap more He don’t know how to act or Every Thursday burdens find him down to full collapse more The final acts of fall angels Just the way the game goes Never one for half measures Never been clever Squabble with myself like my hemispheres severed Obsession is a young one’s game ain’t it? Catapulting caution to the trade winds Rolling down the block in iron maidens You can keep the basic lames or let me point you where the flames is
Ciggies 01:20
My aura: sort of poor decorum poured a chalice Early autumn caught em abortive but bought a balance Made a port of sorrow for exporting all the madness Foreign war reporters steady touring warming planets Woke, smoked with the neighbor to right Constant apologies to my wife for previous nights She smiles and bats her concertina lashes twice I’s born eyeless - island of a languageless people Neath lush montaña - cold bones see through The winds hooked melodic, nothing flyer I wrote a dirty 16 to clean boots in the dryer The code switch so constant he wound his watch to it Learn to practice silence like how them rocks fluent I’m Tetsuo on his last capsule - a brash asshole I crash castles - I am way past a hassle Breakfast in Atlanta lunch in Brooklyn Back home to let the chickens out before the sunset left me shooketh Pinkish wine vibed skies tried my spine why Stone cardinals perched, the days bled past First of the month, I’m already in dead last
Goos Night 00:33
When she bats but one lash I’m unbalanced but unabashed 20 for two grams wont ever last Trust that shit went fast Strangled alive in real time by wild vines Christ on a clothes line Scanning for guidance in deep skies All we saw was fireflies But stroopwaffle in the cinnamon oatmeal was divine
Running from my angels like I’m Shinji and it don’t stop You’re gonna need more wine and weed to get me in the robot Let’s skip the skirmish Fast forward to the scene we cooking rappers in a furnace Bustello in the thermos Walk a warming planet hale and hearty with no purpose A hundred thousand verses Scrawled on padded walls the motive still is undetermined Under water falls he read a sutra, tame a serpent The fame was never certain, watch the climate close the curtains Missive to the air from the surface Ghost in the shells, apparitions in the circuits Cantankerous at the disco Calmly smoke kush by the window Keep it simple for your kinfolk Anyway the wind blow Wolfie keep a cringe flow
You Lose EVO 02:02
Unevolved beasts speak anxieties over uncleared beats Awake listening to the songs of birds that refuse to sleep Most petty rap beefs is squirrel meat Most effigies ozymandian Most mc’s need never rap again, About their brand again Couple days later, doors shuttered to mismanagement Aint one of them, fam, my words Show you where my hands have been Embrace the hermitage, invaluable verbiage The sum of which sorta forms a purpose Sort of at a loss, aint nothing worth the worship Some ya’lls beats banging But could do without the verses Some decide to beeline to they own hearses My designs keep me high My records are my churches Bent the corner now its worthless Discog a whirling dervish Keeping doppelgängers nervous Ever coast against the current famished Bandwidth damaged Dont invoke kings english or spanish Both colonizer languages It aint bangin OUTRO: Basquiat cap copped at Corporate store on tour Celebration premature What you standing up for? You lost evolution And you aint getting paid The mark of my dignity Will scar thy dna Basquiat cap copped at Corporate store on tour Celebration premature What you standing up for? You lost all your sponsors And you aint getting paid The mark of my dignity Will scar thy dna
Salt coast of the continent Heron in the water, waist deep He hauled a single trout My string was theoretical I couldn’t keep pace Was too high But the sun warmed my chest Photons rinse my blessed mind Heard a wicked wind push quietly by Sirens lull the cicadas nearby Early check ins from the wife, couple text messages She knows how depressed he gets But today the weather’s excellent Maybe I set a new precedent No shade in sight No double slit confused light Arms heavy, I pulled ashore to write Scribbled a couple lines about how next time I’m rowing to the island if it takes all night Peach vibes this time Sunkissed but aint been young since Borinquen to the marrow Sand in the ball point Antimatter in the shallows


released April 5, 2024

Written and Produced by buster wolf
Additional Vocals by Artisan P - Track 4
Cover Art by buster wolf
Mixed, Engineered by Late Show Host, buster wolf
Tapes pressed by Audio Geography Studios


all rights reserved



buster wolf Tallahassee, Florida

cats, 8 bit dreams, liminal space. skeletons. self indulgent - always sorry - never mean it - CITRONELLA ROOM _ 間もなくインターネットと現実の世界にやってくる

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