Wait for the Wolf

from Zodiac EP by buster wolf



Now, Buster Wolf's a vegetarian/ don't want no beef/ but getting plenty protein from eating wack mc's/ y todavia tengo sangre dripping from my teeth/ so please excuse the bloody maw when I'm out on the street/ I bang beats out/ percussive fists shift the Earth's axis/ these young cats at bat need to take note and practice/ I smack kids coming in my cypher half witted/ stole time from the gods and mastered my craft with it/ I mean I'm tapping into shit that's sacred and unknowable/ that's how I get the wolf pack howling when I got a show to do/ I never mince words/ disturbed herbs/ never whisper/ words often misheard, shallow minds splinter/ my heart pumps Brooklyn winters/ in the Summer stay sanguine/ stray cat that say that same song with strange language/ bet they didn't know the Buster Wolf was a geologist/ I mastered the science of breaking new ground and rocking it/ slept under the mantle since the neogene times/ learned to dig the carts and never build on faulty lines/ it's really real how I reside around the sound that isn't made/ I'm Kill La Kill, I slay the king with half a fucking scissor blade/ what?


from Zodiac EP, released June 4, 2016


all rights reserved



buster wolf Tallahassee

cats, 8 bit dreams, liminal space. skeletons. self indulgent - always sorry - never mean it - CITRONELLA ROOM _ 間もなくインターネットと現実の世界にやってくる

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