The Lotus

from Zodiac EP by buster wolf



I traded grey for green like a palette swap/ astronaut - I don't drop the label/ I make the planet drop/ so where we landing/ 33 arrows in my back and still standing/ back to where we started like a palindrome/ WOLFFLOW/ scattered poems will shatter domes/ wishing that I could go/ to the era when we kept it forever zen/ veteran that write his crooked life with a clever pen/ this surly skeleton got words, he tellin them/ and trying to do my thing without a corporation meddling/ shit, they probably whitewash the melanin/ I'm brown on both sides/ mestizo and it's settled then/ ladies and gentlemen/ we are not entering/ the mind of a lycanthrope/ exhibit true mic control/ maybe this type of flow aint fit for the radio/ but even so, this dynamo will get up in your cranial

And now that I've built this up
not, not, sure, sure if I can fill this cup, but
even a lotus can come up from the mud
so keep your eyes on the horizon
it's about to erupt

started at the lunch table, took it to the stages/ played out like a fable/ wolf broke out the cages/ refusing to remain in any semblance of a stasis/ while embracing the likelihood of staying forever faceless/ not trying to occupy your space, kid/ I make my own art because I never liked tracing/ I do it just because of the love/ remember that?/ remember house parties with the cypher in the back?/ when battle raps didn't culminate in gun fights/ we beatboxed and freestyled from dusk til sunlight/ and one night I thought it just might/ be my destiny/ not be celebrity/ but just bring out the best in me/ cuz through this recipe of beats, rhymes, and melodies/ I found my true identity and I'ma shine tremendously/ even if, when I go, not a soul remembers me/ my songs will be my legacy, and to me that's heavenly


from Zodiac EP, released June 4, 2016


all rights reserved



buster wolf Tallahassee

cats, 8 bit dreams, liminal space. skeletons. self indulgent - always sorry - never mean it - CITRONELLA ROOM _ 間もなくインターネットと現実の世界にやってくる

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