te verè en otra vida, cuando seamos gatos

from Vejigante: The Humminbird Remix by Buster Wolf and Analog Hands



I’ll see you in another life, when we are both cats…

I’m twice plucked metal string tethered to train tracks
backpack strapped, haphazard, rap facts
relevant to present circumstance, I dance past in torn fabric
armored in plastic
say hello to mechanical wingspans and paper halos
worn on tilt - a vacant voice that sings sick stones at your vitals
smash bones on arrival, worn white on a blacktop
we danced on them crack blocks.
hit the lights - we break bread on cold corners
glass legs stretched to drink the last bottle
I battle shadows
with cracked clavicles, sing snake rattles
bring blades to parades to cut a swath with
lips to kiss wasps with.
legs are windowless buildings
stride like bent knives
knees buckle, belts tight, right?
waists worn lazy - wake, waste time, my lady.
I blame Hades’ kinetic trickery.
We all masqueraded, didn’t we?
The ball drop, the block pop, the dream stops,
my cheek bones are cheek rocks.
But brittle bones break stellectric patterns
fractured, till we chewing on the splinters
migrate with a feather for the winter
fairer weather, life’s simpler
and I’m older but I pack a punch and stamina, right?
Psyche. I might drink myself dry tonight if I don’t get it right
we never rewrite otherwise I’m taking flight, pigeon
I’m gray throated. Often misquoted.
misapprehension fill pitchers in blue living rooms
till you’re welcome, throw my ashes from that 30 year roof
and lets the cats lick the dust of me from the gutter, motherfucker.


from Vejigante: The Humminbird Remix, released February 10, 2017


all rights reserved



buster wolf Tallahassee

cats, 8 bit dreams, liminal space. skeletons. self indulgent - always sorry - never mean it - CITRONELLA ROOM _ 間もなくインターネットと現実の世界にやってくる

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