Sally Brown

from Vejigante by busterwolf



I make songs for me first. Every reference to a movie, book, video game, is to make myself chuckle when I hear it. I don't want to sound professional. I don't want to be radio ready. I don't want to have a hit single. I'll rap about Game of Thrones and Spider-Man if I want to, and I'll be fucking dope at it.


I’m the specter in the nautilus shell. Tread well. Word to Timothy. Plus 10 affinity for criticals. Shouts to wizardry. Sucker for the symmetry. I’m Death the Kid with 99 souls. Blindly I go. Vejigante got 108 horns. Run with stray dogs. Stay gone. Stone tongue say songs. Indiscernible against the wailing trains, I’m gonzo. Maverick Hunter S. You know nothing John Snow. But know now, the flow sound profound. Don’t sound pro. Rather pound lo-fi percussive static magic. Silly rabbits. Galactus swallow planets. I’m ultimate. Miles Morales. Gentleman Bastard in a Lock Lamora fashion. On a flagship playing Bastion. Snacking on Lembas bread rations. Hitting one frame links while these mother fuckers are busy button mashing.


from Vejigante, released August 22, 2015


all rights reserved



busterwolf Tallahassee

cats, 8 bit dreams, liminal space. skeletons. self indulgent - always sorry - never mean it

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