On some Terry "are you okay?"/ spam plasma/ buster lone wolf alpha/ drift with a vagrant, spit abysmal/ ballista whistles/ through a brown lung/ my sound dumb/ dreams like mestizo Mensis/ +5 melanin/ kill the nicotine dependency, don't let 'em in/ raise my HP, love done crafted/ cosmic cthulus and Mephistopholes/ now i'm croppin these selfies/ so you only see the skeleton/ what? we better than these bitter men/ props to you brought up by single lioness/ guzzle yerba heat seek/ sweet speak cypher/ walk with moon scented ambiguity/ props to lunacy/ the 8 bit is soothing me/ pale blood moon make me howl 3 times like I'm Thirstin/ can't comment on the cops without this hollow heart burstin/ quietly composed the kid aint clueless/ take the stage and get down right fierce like hadoukens/ I riposte with true finesse/ son, I'm subtle/ sanguine sky plus beast blood/ bust, swallow dust, bones crushed/ the imagery was born in Brooklyn before the wars/ brandish beast claws/ i'm Labeouf on all fours/ I'm currently direct, rap game Nick Tesla/ presently impermanent, Avalokitesvara/ inadvertent burner, end to end/ on metal zeppelins/ 30 year veteran/ word to backbones and the dunks that I'm stepping in/ fear the old blood and give me insight/ eyes on the inside/ and bugged out thoughts that make the pen glide/ stupid


from Vejigante: The Humminbird Remix, released February 10, 2017


all rights reserved



busterwolf Tallahassee

cats, 8 bit dreams, liminal space. skeletons. self indulgent - always sorry - never mean it

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